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The intent of the Oak Grove School is to provide students with the skills necessary to function in the modern world, and at the same time to provide a foundation for inquiry into the perennial questions of human life. Consistent with the views of its founder, J. Krishnamurti, the school does not subscribe to any creed or ideology. Rather, it assists students in investigating enduring human issues with originality and an open-minded spirit. The Oak Grove School focuses on:


1) Intellectual depth / aesthetic and environmental sensitivity. These complementary elements are acquired through the pursuit of excellence in academic work and experience in music, drama, the fine arts, ecology and outdoor education.

1)智力的深度 / 对美和环境的敏感性。这些互补性的素质是通过对优秀学业的追求,通过在音乐、戏剧、精美艺术品、生态学和户外教育等方面的实践来培养的。

2) Social responsibility and emotional stability. These are fostered through close relationship between students and teachers as well as close contact between school and home, and the development of the ability to observe oneself and one’s conditioning.


3) Physical vitality and knowledge of the human body. These are acquired through sports, games and regular exercise; outdoor experiences such as hiking, camping and gardening; health education and a sound diet.


These areas of emphasis establish a safe environment from which to initiate individual and collective inquiries into the deepest questions that face human beings while still providing the academic skills so necessary to function in our immediate world. We strive for a noncompetitive atmosphere where physical, emotional and intellectual safety exists and where there is respect for students’ different levels of development.


In his sixty years of involvement with various schools around the world, Mr. Krishnamurti returned again and again to the themes that are central to his work: the fundamental importance of establishing right relationship among human beings; sensitivity to nature and responsibility toward the environment; the conditioning of the individual by society, and by his or her own subjective demands; the function of images and concepts in daily life; the roots of psychological suffering at the individual and collective level; inward freedom and order; the significance of death; and the questions of a quality of mind not bound by time and circumstance.


Those responsible for the Oak Grove School are committed to providing an educational environment in which students feel free to raise and investigate all of these issues, and any others of a similar nature. The format for this inquiry may develop from subject matter, a personal problem, or spontaneous curiosity. There is no formal curriculum for presenting Krishnamurti’s work, and no student is required to “be interested” in Krishnamurti. The school maintains that true inquiry cannot be forced or artificially constructed in any way. Any collective endeavor in this area must be mutually forthcoming and, therefore, free.


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(译者注:本文选自“橡树林学校- 家长和学生手册 (2004.9)”“OAK GROVE SCHOOL of KFA - Parent & Student Handbook (2004.9)”)


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